WASHINGTON, D.C. – More than 100 days since the CARES Act’s weekly $600 enhanced federal unemployment benefits ran out and since applications for the Paycheck Protection Program closed, talks between lawmakers and the Trump administration to secure a new coronavirus aid package have reportedly ground to a halt.

As Americans have waited in the lurch for crucial unemployment assistance and small business owners have hoped for new relief funds, the end of 2020 will bring a halt to many programs that have been lifelines for mom-and-pop shops, their workers, and their families throughout the COVID-19 crisis, including last-ditch unemployment insurance funds, the CDC’s eviction moratorium, student loan forbearance, and more. 

But instead of working on a plan to help Americans keep their families and businesses afloat, President Trump and his allies have turned their attention to obstructing the transition to President-elect Biden’s administration — withholding crucial information and resources and putting national security and public health at greater risk in the process. 

“COVID-19 is at its worst point yet, and as Americans struggle to put food on their tables and small business owners fight to keep their doors open, all the president is worried about is blocking the inevitable transition to President-elect Biden’s administration,” said Accountable.US President Kyle Herrig. “Almost 250,000 Americans have died. Hundreds of thousands of small businesses have closed their doors for good. But at this critical moment, Trump is more focused on further undermining the nation’s health and security by withholding crucial resources from the president-elect and his team.” 

In addition to its failure to make a new coronavirus aid deal, the Trump administration is also moving forward with plans to roll back existing essential benefits and protections for vulnerable Americans during the lame-duck, including hindering people applying for food stamps and disability benefits.


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