WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, government watchdog Accountable.US released a new analysis revealing the top 20 corporate donors to election-deniers that ran for federal office during the 2022 cycle – including Delta Air Lines, Home Depot, and AT&T. The PAC of Koch Industries, Inc. was the largest individual donor, with over $770,000 in contributions to individuals that spread harmful misinformation about the 2020 presidential election results – further undermining faith in our democratic institutions. These 20 companies alone accounted for almost $8 million in spending for election deniers, which received nearly $65 million from all corporate interests combined.

The analysis also features an expanded list of the top 20 overall donors representing corporate interests, including trade groups, which gave a grand total of over $11 million to election deniers. The National Association of Realtors (Realtors PAC) ranked as the top overall donor with over $821,000 in contributions. 


Voters’ rejection of numerous election objectors at the polls should send a clear message to corporations: prioritizing political influence over a healthy democracy could threaten their own bottom line. Consumers have made clear in poll after poll they support corporations that stand up for democracy. The corporations that chose to bankroll politicians that have no respect for fundamental voting rights or democratic ideals should be very concerned about how consumers and shareholders will vote with their wallets.” 

A.US President Kyle Herrig

The new analysis follows a recent Accountable.US review finding corporate interests donated over $200,000 to Big Lie-embracing Arizona politicians Kari Lake and Mark Finchem, who are now refusing to accept the results of their own failed campaign bids.

In addition, Accountable.US recently launched its major American Democracy Scorecard project – a living, public interactive resource that scores all Fortune 100 companies’ actions around critical democracy issues. In its initial review, Accountable.US found 66 percent of Fortune 100 companies received an F grade on their commitment to preserving democracy.

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