The Republican-led House Administration Committee recently advanced its so-called American Confidence In Elections (ACE) Act that is opposed by over 45 civil rights groups and that experts say “caters to election deniers and would disenfranchise voters of color.” During the bill markup, Republican committee members voted unanimously to kill an amendment to the ACE Act that included a simple acknowledgment of reality: “Congress Finds The Following: (1) Joseph R. Biden, Jr. Won The 2020 Presidential Election.” A review by government watchdog Accountable.US of newly released Federal Election Committee (FEC) data found that these election-denying MAGA members received over $824,000 from corporations and industry trade groups in the 2nd quarter of 2023 alone.

The House Administration Committee’s vote to perpetuate dangerous election conspiracies was hardly a surprise as a previous Accountable.US analysis found most of the committee’s MAGA majority members have records downplaying the severity of the violent January 6th insurrection, voting against certifying the 2020 election even after the violence, and opposing investigations into the Capitol riot. One Member, Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-GA), is even on video tape leading an abnormal tour of the U.S. Capitol campus halls and security checkpoints on the eve of the insurrection with at least some individuals who were on the Capitol grounds that day. American consumers and employees, however, may be surprised to learn that major corporate interests have continued to reward these election deniers for their undemocratic behavior.

These MAGA majority members never stopped trafficking in dangerous election conspiracies even after it fueled a deadly insurrection. Yet corporations keep rewarding election deniers in Congress with big checks at the same time they tell their customers and shareholders they’re an ally in democracy. These MAGA House extremists have shown who they are time and again, including a vote just last week denying Joe Biden is President. Many in industry have simply chosen to give a free pass to lawmakers who undermine democracy if they think it helps their bottom line.”

Lindsey Melki, Director of Corporate Values and Democracy

While the MAGA Majority considers the ACE Act that seeks to deny voting access to communities of color, a new poll found the recently reintroduced Freedom to Vote Act that would protect democracy and ensure access to voting is overwhelmingly supported by Democrats and Republicans alike in battleground states.

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