Today, in response to the Supreme Court’s unanimous decision in FDA v. Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine finding that the plaintiffs lack a legal right to challenge the FDA’s actions regarding the regulation of the widely-used abortion pill mifepristone, Accountable.US president Caroline Ciccone released the following statement:

Today’s news out of the Supreme Court affirms what we already know: mifepristone is safe and effective, and this challenge to access should never have been heard in the first place. But it’s also a reminder that the right-wing conservative forces who use manipulative tactics and fringe legal theories to push extreme cases to the high court will be left unchecked unless and until the broken system is reformed.”

“This case laid bare the strategy of manipulation the far-right legal infrastructure has been successfully deploying in collusion with their ideological allies in Northern Texas, at the Supreme Court, and elsewhere in the judiciary. The Supreme Court’s unanimous decision is a clear rejection of the unusually extreme, fringe arguments used to force this case to the highest levels of our judiciary.”

“These cases are part of a coordinated, anti-democratic effort to systematically roll back Americans’ rights, including the right to abortion, birth control, and more, led by far-right groups like Alliance Defending Freedom and bankrolled by key right-wing funders like Leonard Leo. It shouldn’t be possible to abuse our judicial system in this way.”

“That’s why we need systemic reform — including policies to end judge-shopping — to undermine these anti-democratic strategies once and for all. Until we have binding, systematic reform, more cases like this one will work its way through the system and threaten Americans’ rights in the process.”

Accountable.US president Caroline Ciccone

Accountable.US research exposed the case’s Alliance Defending Freedom-backed plaintiffs, Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine, as a “sham” group made up of anti-abortion organizations, like AAPLOG, that have been widely discredited by the medical community for peddling conspiracies and pushing pseudo-science — key points that undermine the plaintiff’s own arguments.

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