WASHINGTON, DC – Government watchdog Accountable.US today launched a billboard campaign slamming right-wing judicial activist Leonard Leo’s extensive efforts to reimagine public education in Oklahoma, revealed by recent bombshell reporting. The billboards, located in Oklahoma City and Tulsa, displayed messages reading, “Political power player Leonard Leo has a target in his sights: ending public education as we know it.”

New reporting found that a close-knit group of activists linked to Leonard Leo’s network are involved in an Oklahoma effort to create a public Catholic school. As Politico notes, the group hopes to “create a test case to change the Supreme Court’s interpretation of the First Amendment’s separation of church and state” — just the latest in Leonard Leo’s decades-long use of the courts to advance his radical agenda. 

See more photos of the billboards HERE.

Additional recent examples of Leo’s use of the courts to force his own extremist agenda include his backing of the legal challenge to the abortion pill mifepristone, his campaign to undermine the Voting Rights Act, and his network’s involvement in the billionaire bailout case Moore v. US

Learn more about Leonard Leo, his shady network, and his dangerous agenda at LeonardLeo.org.


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