Today, Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL), Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, issued a subpoena for Leonard Leo, far-right judicial activist and key player in the ongoing Supreme Court corruption crisis.

Thanks to Supreme Court billionaire matchmaker Leonard Leo, a full-blown corruption crisis has plagued the high court for over a year, undermining its credibility and plummeting public trust in the court to record lows. Today’s subpoena is a critical step toward accountability, and toward ensuring that our high court adheres to the highest possible ethics standards. As a result of the strong leadership of Chairman Durbin and the Judiciary Committee, we can now begin to get to the bottom of the corruption crisis pervading the Supreme Court.”

Accountable.US president Caroline Ciccone

“Since July 2023, Leonard Leo has responded to the legitimate oversight requests of the Senate Judiciary Committee with a blanket refusal to cooperate. His outright defiance left the Committee with no other choice but to move forward with compulsory process. For that reason, I have issued a subpoena to Mr. Leo,” said Senator Durbin. “Mr. Leo has played a central role in the ethics crisis plaguing the Supreme Court and, unlike the other recipients of information requests in this matter, he has done nothing but stonewall the Committee. This subpoena is a direct result of Mr. Leo’s own actions and choices.”

Accountable.US recently published a report detailing how Leo has used his right-wing nonprofit network and for-profit firm to create a massive circular payment structure, allowing Leo to upgrade his lifestyle. Since reports initially uncovered Leo’s self-enrichment scheme last year, DC Attorney General Brian Schwalb opened an investigation into the right-wing activist.

Accountable.US previously joined partners in calling on the Senate to subpoena key figures involved in the Supreme Court corruption crisis, including Leo. Ahead of the Supreme Court’s term, Accountable.US led over 40 watchdog and accountability groups in sending a letter to Chief Justice Roberts demanding he ensure conflicted justices recuse themselves from key cases involving Leo and other Supreme Court influence-peddlers.


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