If successful, Colorado could force No Labels to register as political party, disclose donors

WASHINGTON, DC – Government watchdog Accountable.US this week filed a complaint with the Colorado Secretary of State alleging that No Labels’ Colorado Party failed to report contributions, a potential violation of campaign finance laws. The complaint comes on the heels of a baseless complaint filed by No Labels attacking its critics.

The Accountable.US complaint alleges that No Labels, an officially recognized minor political party in the state of Colorado, has not filed a single campaign finance disclosure. As the complaint notes, “given the Party’s volume of public activity in recent months, it is highly unlikely that the Party has not received a single reportable contribution, yet they have not disclosed a single donor since their qualification as a minor party. No Labels Colorado Party’s refusal to disclose donors is both a blatant violation of the law and demonstrates a disregard for the important transparency and anti-corruption aims of the state’s campaign finance disclosure requirements.”

The complaint adds: “Allowing No Labels Colorado Party to hide behind their associated national party would create a dangerous gap in Colorado’s campaign finance law, and allow national groups to funnel dark money into Colorado’s elections via state-level organizations.”

No Labels has refused to disclose its donors — but what is known reveals that No Labels has sought funding from a who’s who of extreme conservatives including Peter Thiel, the late David Koch, and Supreme Court billionaire benefactor Harlan Crow. No Labels has garnered backlash from both sides for its lack of transparency, its self-serving behavior, and its work to undermine American democracy.

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