H.R. 1 would gut critical environmental protections, silence public input, and do nothing to reduce energy costs for consumers 

WASHINGTON, DC –  Today, as one of the MAGA majority’s top legislative priorities, H.R. 1, is expected to come to the House floor, Accountable.US released the following analysis. The legislation is a wishlist of Big Oil’s most sought-after policy reforms which would put Wall Street’s profits over protecting public lands and Americans from a worsening climate crisis. H.R. 1 guts environmental review, gives more public land away to private oil and mining interests, and bans a pause on dangerous and potentially hazardous extractive activities like fracking and mining while also debilitating enforcement mechanisms. 

The House GOP can’t pretend to fight for working and middle-class Americans while passing a wish list for Big Oil executives at the expense of everyday Americans.

H.R. 1 is nothing more than a massive giveaway to Big Oil, transferring public land to private corporations so the privileged few can profit as they eliminate pathways for frontline communities and public officials to oppose their pollution-intensive projects. To put it simply, this legislation puts profits over people while doing nothing to lower energy costs for consumers.”

Jordan Schreiber, Director of Energy.

8 contextual facts to know ahead of H.R.1 arrival to the House floor:

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