WASHINGTON, D.C. – One hundred days ago today, President Trump said that if 100,000 Americans die from COVID-19, it will have been “a very good job,” and predicted that by June 1, the nation would be “well on our way to recovery.” Now, the nation has surpassed 130,000 deaths from the coronavirus, is closing in on 3 million confirmed cases, and the Washington Post reports that the White House’s latest strategy is to hope that Americans “will grow numb to the escalating death toll and learn to accept tens of thousands of new cases a day.”

Here’s some of what’s happened between Trump’s first statement and now — is this what the President thinks a “very good job” looks like?

Devastating Stories of Lives Lost

Disproportionate Harm to Communities of Color

PPE Procurement Chaos Hindering People’s Safety

For more of Trump’s disconnected rhetoric in the face of the COVID-19 crisis, see Accountable.US’s video, “An Incalculable Loss,” here.

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100 DAYS AGO TUESDAY: March 29, 2020

  • Trump said that if the country’s COVID-19 death toll reached 100,000, it will have been “a very good job.”


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