WASHINGTON, D.C. – One hundred days ago today, the United States surpassed 50,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 500 deaths. Just days later, the U.S. would officially become the country with the most COVID-19 infections.

Today, we are seeing single-day record spikes in positive cases across the country after states that pushed early reopenings at the encouragement of the administration are forced again to roll back plans. We’ve now catapulted to more than 2.6 million positive cases and 120,000 deaths. Meanwhile, the administration continues to push through its ideological agenda behind the scenes. As evidenced in an Accountable.US report, during one three-month period this year, the Trump administration published at least 730 new rules or proposed rules across nine agencies… but only 18 of those rules and proposed rules — or just over two percent — dealt directly or even indirectly with the coronavirus crisis.

100 DAYS AGO WEDNESDAY: March 23, 2020


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