New research from government watchdog Accountable.US uncovered a recent Conservative Partnership Institute retreat for far-right Congressional staffers at its lavish Camp Rydin estate in Maryland. The retreat featured a DOJ-focused training led by none other than Jeffrey Clark, the former Trump Justice Department official criminally charged by Georgia prosecutors for his role in Trump’s effort to reverse the outcome of the 2020 election.

Conservative Partnership Institute and Freedom Caucus staffers continue to embrace election denialism, even going so far as to platform an indicted ex-Justice Department staffer to lead a training on the Justice Department itself. It’s especially concerning that these groups continue to push their brazen anti-democracy agenda while helping to plot a future conservative administration as part of Project 2025’s advisory board. Accountable.US will continue to expose far-right efforts to dismantle our democracy.”

Accountable.US president Caroline Ciccone

The disclosures reveal that many of the Conservative Partnership Institute retreat participants are staffers for far-right Freedom Caucus members. Jeff Clark’s training was billed as “a conversation with a former Department of Justice official on oversight of and reforms to the DOJ.” Clark has been indicted for his key role in efforts to overturn the election in Georgia, and media outlets have identified him as a co-conspirator in a Washington, D.C. case against Trump. Now, similar calls for an overhaul of the DOJ and the weaponization of government are surfacing in House GOP hearings.

Accountable.US research previously exposed the Conservative Partnership Institute’s unusual nonprofit arrangement, prompting the watchdog group Campaign for Accountability to file an IRS complaint. CPI is also a member of Project 2025’s advisory board.

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