Alliance Defending Freedom Used Funding Boost to Push Anti-Democratic, Anti-LGBTQ Agenda

WASHINGTON, DC — Today, new reporting in The Guardian detailed how anti-LGBTQ hate group Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) used a massive influx in funding in 2021 to bankroll anti-democratic organizations in support of its radical, unpopular agenda. ADF is behind the Supreme Court case 303 Creative LLC v. Elenis — set to be decided later today — which threatens to undo “decades of civil rights protections.”

Alliance Defending Freedom is a recognized anti-LGBTQ hate group working to build a movement of far-right legal groups to force a dangerous, unpopular agenda on Americans. From ADF's involvement with a Supreme Court case contesting critical LGBTQ rights to the hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding ADF has granted to anti-democratic organizations, ADF's goal is to strip Americans of their rights and undermine democracy — and they're being supported by key conservative players like Leonard Leo,” said Accountable.US senior advisor Kyle Herrig.

“Alliance Defending Freedom and groups like it have grown thanks to a dark influence network of far-right funders,” Herrig added. “In order to reign in these extremist groups, the key conservative players making up this network must be exposed for what they're really doing: pushing an anti-democratic agenda to make sure they personally benefit.”

New Accountable.US research revealed that ADF experienced a massive spike in funding in 2021, reporting nearly $105 million in total revenue — nearly $30 million more than its 2020 total. Here are just a few of the recipients of ADF’s newfound wealth:

  • $85,000 to the Child & Parental Rights Campaign, an anti-trans group that filed lawsuits challenging gender-affirming policies in Florida schools. President Vernadette Broyles, who once compared LGBTQ people to cockroaches, advised anti-trans legislation in South Dakota and Georgia.
  • $84,183 to the Family Foundation of Virginia, a group that challenged gender-affirming education guidelines in Virginia and endorsed a gubernatorial candidate who claimed her support for Jan 6th insurrectionists as a “badge of honor.”
  • $78,000 to the Ethics and Public Policy Center, an organization that filed an amicus brief supporting ADF in 303 Creative. The group also filed amicus briefs in support of ADF cases that challenged a ban on LGBTQ conversion therapy and the FDA’s approval of the abortion pill. Leonard Leo is an Ethics and Public Policy Center board member.

As The Guardian notes, “ADF’s work comes amid a wave of anti-LGBTQ+ legislation and rightwing demonization of trans people. Over 220 bills which “specifically target transgender and non-binary people” were introduced in the first four and a half months of 2023, the Human Rights Campaign found, with Florida, North Dakota, Tennessee and Texas showing a particular relish for legislation which would affect trans rights.”

Accountable.US launched its Monitoring Influence database to document and track the dark influence network made up of dangerous groups like Alliance Defending Freedom. Learn more at



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