WASHINGTON, D.C. It was reported today that the U.S. has reached another horrific milestone in the fight against COVID-19: nine million confirmed cases. The country also hit a new single-day record for new cases — yet another indication that the Trump administration’s pandemic response is failing, and the nation is moving in the wrong direction. But rather than address the worsening situation head on, Trump and his administration appear to have thrown their hands up in surrender, ramping up rhetoric around “herd immunity” and publicly announcing that they “are not going to control the virus.”  

“With nine million infections and the pandemic getting worse by the day, it seems that those in charge of the public’s well-being have thrown in the towel entirely,” said Accountable.US President Kyle Herrig. “As cases surge, the Trump administration should be doubling down on resources to ensure communities have the support they need. Instead, they’ve turned their attention away from the pandemic entirely and failed to get relief into the hands of small businesses and workers that need it. This is an abdication of responsibility to the American people on a massive scale.”  

As cases surge and mass layoffs and evictions loom, Trump and his allies in the Senate have stuck to their decision to delay any potential new aid package until after Election Day. See Accountable.US’s recent memo on their warped priorities here


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