WASHINGTON, D.C. – Minutes ago, news broke that Chad Wolf, the current acting secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), will step down from his post. Wolf was one of the key architects of the Trump administration’s horrific family separation policy, including recommending the policy idea to then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions as early as 2017. Wolf later lied under oath to Congress about his association with the policy. 

Wolf spent years overseeing the execution of Trump’s cruel, heinous family separation policy, under which thousands of immigrant children were ripped from their parents’ arms at the border, detained, and subjected to inhumane conditions and abuse. 

His resignation comes after several court rulings confirmed his appointment to his current role was illegal.  

“On Chad Wolf’s watch, thousands of immigrant families were ripped apart and caged — with hundreds still waiting to be reunited years later. Some children even died in custody. Wolf should not receive any kind of credit, praise, or applause for throwing in the towel on his position less than two weeks before Trump and his administration are kicked out of office,” said Accountable.US spokesperson Lizzy Price. “In order to take a stand against this horrific chapter in our country’s history, leading corporations and universities should not reward Wolf or any other administration officials responsible for family separation with a cushy job after Inauguration Day.” 

Government watchdog Accountable.US launched its Hate for Hire campaign last month in an effort to ensure that the Trump administration officials involved in and responsible for ripping immigrant children from their parents’ arms at the border are not able to take refuge in the nation’s leading universities and boardrooms, whitewashing their reputations and landing cushy jobs after their horrific actions. 

Learn more about Chad Wolf’s role in implementing the family separation policy at HateForHire.org


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