WASHINGTON, D.C.New reporting from over the weekend revealed that the U.S. has reached another horrific milestone in the fight against COVID-19: 11 million confirmed cases — with the most recent million coming in less than one week. As the number of fatalities reach at least 245,000, the Trump administration has seemingly thrown in the towel on containing the pandemic and on passing a coronavirus relief bill that matches the magnitude of the public health and economic crises facing the nation. While the president tweets empty promises with no action to back it up, he’s using his lame-duck session to push his harmful, ideological policies and obstruct the presidential transition process through the Government Services Agency (GSA) — drawing bipartisan alarm about the consequences for national security and public health.  

“In less than one week, one million more Americans faced the devastating news that they were infected with COVID-19. Yet instead of doubling down on resources to ensure communities have the support they need, the Trump administration does not have a plan to try to get the virus under control. In fact, they are standing in the way of progress,” said Kyle Herrig, president of Accountable.US. “Congress and the Trump administration’s priorities must be on containing the virus and getting relief into the hands of the millions of workers and thousands of small businesses that desperately need help.”   

As cases surge at a historical pace, the Trump administration continues to recklessly withhold critical government resources needed for the transition process in the middle of a worsening pandemic and recession. See Accountable.US’s recent report here highlighting how four senior GSA officials all have significant records as partisan operatives.  


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