Washington, D.C. — New reporting today in Mother Jones reveals that several of the allegedly “independent” studies corporations and Republican lawmakers rely on to attack President Biden’s Build Back Better plan are actually backed by corporate interests and conservative dark money forces that would benefit from blocking any changes to the status quo, including higher corporate taxes. As research from Accountable.US reveals, several of the right-wing think tanks behind these studies also have histories of publishing “misleading” information to sway the public in service of corporate interests.  

“Billionaires and big industry fund bogus studies attacking Biden’s economic plan because they know these investments will grow the economy for everyone, but they just don’t want to contribute a penny to it,” said Kyle Herrig, president of Accountable.US. “Corporate interests will say or do anything to preserve the broken status quo, including lie to families that overdue investments in childcare, education, and climate change are somehow not in their interest. These studies are all about manufacturing excuses to do nothing and avoid paying their fair share. It’s past time the economy starts working for all Americans, not just rich and powerful corporations.” 

As corporate interests attempt to sway public opinion against the Biden administration’s economic plan by claiming it will hurt jobs, in reality, rich U.S. corporations were cashing in big, even during the tough pandemic economy — all while everyday Americans struggled to make ends meet.  

An Accountable.US analysis highlights bogus studies from groups and think tanks including:

  • The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget 
  • The U.S. Chamber of Commerce 
  • The Hoover Institution 
  • The Family Business Estate Tax Coalition 
  • The Tax Foundation 
  • American Action Forum 
  • The National Association of Manufacturers

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