Conservative “propaganda mill” marks half a century of conspiracies and extremism

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, the Heritage Foundation is gathering conservatives in Washington, marking half a century of peddling conspiracies, pushing far-right extremism, and pulling the strings behind the MAGA Republican party. The summit will feature extremist conservatives such as Hungarian official Balázs Orbán, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, Center for Renewing America’s Russ Vought, and Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, among others.

The Heritage Foundation has been back in the spotlight recently as it was revealed that Justice Clarence Thomas, who has long been close to Heritage, initially omitted five years of his wife Ginni’s Heritage Foundation income in his financial disclosures — but the conservative “propaganda mill” has been hard at work for the past fifty years. Here’s what you need to know about the Heritage Foundation:

  • Heritage claimed to be “Donald Trump’s favorite think tank.” Heritage established a direct pipeline to the Trump administration, later publishing reports peddling debunked conspiracy theories that widespread voter fraud had robbed Trump of a second term in office.
  • Heritage has been credited with “dragging American politics to the right.” The organization puppeteers the MAGA majority in Congress, and Heritage leaders frequently brag about aiding and stymying legislation.
  • Heritage is known to hold lavish retreats with sitting members of Congress and their staff to cover topics from “investigating” the Biden administration to developing “bolder,” even more aggressive policy agendas.
  • Heritage has led the charge to undermine voting rights, including championing restrictive voter policies, opposing efforts to limit money in elections, and peddling baseless voter fraud claims.
  • Heritage has played a key role in constructing the conservative Supreme Court, working alongside conservative kingpin Leonard Leo’s Federalist Society.

Learn more about The Heritage Foundation HERE.

Accountable.US launched its Monitoring Influence project to document the dark money network connecting right-wing organizations like The Heritage Foundation. Accountable.US has also tracked the influence of external extremist organizations like Heritage on Kevin McCarthy and his MAGA majority in Congress.



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