Presumptive House Leader Silent On Potential Financial Crimes Within His Own Caucus 

WASHINGTON, DC – Following reports that the Nassau County District Attorney has begun investigating Representative-elect George Santos to determine “if a crime was committed,” Accountable.US again called for a House Ethics investigation of Mr. Santos’ behavior. As the AP reported, among concerning issues: “Federal campaign records show that he loaned his campaign more than $700,000, but the source of that money has yet to be explained.”

Kevin McCarthy, Jim Jordan, and fellow MAGA extremists in Congress reflexively demanded investigations into one fake political scandal after another these last two years. But when a brazen, red-handed fraudster joins their caucus, they conveniently go silent."

Kyle Herrig, president of Accountable.US

“Investigators in Congress who only investigate things they find politically convenient have no credibility serving in any oversight capacity. The Office of Congressional Ethics needs to take up the George Santos matter as soon as possible because incoming House Leadership seems to only focus on political stunts,” added Herrig. 

Last week, Accountable.US filed an ethics complaint with the Office of Congressional Ethics requesting an investigation into Representative-elect George Santos for his repeated lies, misrepresentations, and the numerous red flags surrounding his finances. Since then, Santos has fallen under legal scrutiny over massive loans to his campaign committee and faces an investigation from the Nassau County, New York District Attorney, a Republican.



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