Washington D.C. – Based on numerous polls and independent fact checks, expectations were already very, very low for any credible matters to be raised today by MAGA House Republicans on the so-called “Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government” – especially given its makeup of conspiratorial election deniers including subpoena-dodging Chairman Jim Jordan, accused insurance fraudster Darrell Issa, and ethical-blackhole Matt Gaetz. Within minutes, all suspicions were confirmed that the subcommittee is nothing more than a platform for political stunts from MAGA extremists trying to keep the Biden administration from its work lowering costs for families, creating even more jobs, expanding fundamental rights, and strengthening Americans’ health and retirement security. 

In one particularly egregious example, witness Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) baselessly accused federal civil servants of acting as part of a conspiracy against conservatives. Later, committee member Matt Gaetz used his time to spread an anti-Covid-19-vaccine conspiracy from a highly dubious source. 

This subcommittee stacked with extreme MAGA election deniers wasted no time exposing its real motive – performing political stunts and spreading crackpot conspiracies designed to keep the Biden administration from addressing real problems impacting everyday Americans. Throwing as much disinformation against the wall and hoping something sticks may give purpose for the likes of Tucker Carlson, but polls show the public wants no part of it, especially when it’s conducted by members of Congress at taxpayer expense. The extreme MAGA majority will say or do anything to distract the public from their own plans to force a debt default crisis unless they get a crushing 30% tax hike on middle-class families and devastating cuts to Social Security and Medicare benefits for seniors.”

Jeremy Funk, spokesman for Accountable.US.
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