WASHINGTON, D.C. – Government watchdog Accountable.US rebuked the decision of the deputy Hyde County state’s attorney to let South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg off with just three misdemeanor charges after admitting to killing a man while “distracted” driving home from a late-night Republican fundraiser. Ravnsborg has not stepped down from the majority of his duties during the investigation despite his “tough-on-crime” campaign persona, including a hardnose plan to reverse the state’s presumptive probation policy for some lower-level felonies.

“This is the latest example of the two justice systems in America, one for the rich and powerful and one for everyone else,” said Jenna Krusespokesperson for Accountable.US. “Think of the hundreds of thousands of Black Americans spending years in prison for non-violent drug chargeswhile the powerful and wellconnected state attorney general, Jason Ravnsborg, is walking away after killing a man under highly questionable circumstances. Ravnsborg preaches zero tolerance and virtually no leniency for low level offenders but claims to deserve a second chance after taking a life. Every time Ravnsborg raises a matter of law going forward, we should ask  is it the law for powerful people like him, or the law for the rest of us?” 


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