WASHINGTON, D.C. Government watchdog Accountable.US called on the Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA) to demand the resignation of South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg who is facing charges related to killing a man while driving “distracted” on his cell phone after a late-night Republican fundraiser. RAGA has been Ravnsborg’s largest campaign contributor by far, padding his coffers by over $100,000. Even extreme-right South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, with her own history of recklessness, is calling for Ravnsborg to step down – so what is RAGA waiting for?  

“As Jason Ravnsborg’s largest campaign booster, RAGA’s voice carries weight with the South Dakota Attorney General. Why have they failed to demand his resignation when even Kristi Noem, one of the most irresponsible governors in America, has lost all confidence that he can do his job effectively,” said Jenna Kruse, spokesperson for Accountable.US.  

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