Barrasso joins growing number of Republican senators inventing flimsy excuses to obstruct Biden’s Cabinet to protect special interest allies, preserve status quo  

As COVID deaths reach an all-time high and many more families are struggling to make ends meet, Republicans are threatening to play politics and hamstring Biden administration 

Barrasso’s new position reeks of hypocrisy after rushing through Trump’s conflicted, under-qualified, and often corrupt nominees who prioritized corporations and special interests

Washington, DC – Yesterday, Senator John Barrasso (R-WY) joined a growing number of Republicans inventing flimsy and hypocritical excuses in an attempt to deny or delay President-elect Biden from staffing an administration that can clean up after President Trump and put workers and families first again. As the nation grapples with a massive spike in COVID deaths with many more families struggling to make ends meet, Barrasso is the latest Repubican senator to openly threaten to play politics and hold up Biden nominees in a weak attempt to protect the status quo and obstruct the incoming administration from implementing an agenda to get the pandemic under control and put workers and families ahead of special interests. 

Senator Barrasso’s comments are particularly hypocritical, given he was one of the key leaders in the Senate who rushed through President Trump’s nominees despite their vast financial ties to industries and conflicts of interest. Barrasso even suspended Committee rules to jam through EPA nominee Scott Pruittwho continued his crusade of fighting for the fossil fuel industry at the EPA until he resigned in disgrace for abusing taxpayer dollars. 

“Senator Barrasso spent years working arm-in-arm with the Trump administration to pad the pockets of corporations and special interest groups, and his latest attempt to obstruct the incoming Biden administration is nothing more than a flimsy excuse to protect the status quo and hold onto power just a little bit longer,” said Mairead Lynn, spokesperson for the Accountable Senate War Room. “The American people have spoken and they resoundingly voted for Biden’s vision of cleaning up Trump’s messes, controlling the pandemic, and rebuilding an economy that puts workers and families first. It’s time for Senator Barrasso to stop playing politics and listen to them.”

Watch Senator Barrasso’s rank hypocrisy below:

  • WATCH: Barrasso yesterday on FOX News


  • VIDEO: Sen. Barrasso: “I Think That The President Coming In For His First Time Ought To Be Able To Have The Cabinet. He Won The Election. He Ought To Have Who He Wants Surrounding Him. [Squawk Box  CNBC  January 20, 2017 6:00am-9:01am EST, Internet Archive, accessed 11/06/20 (00:01)]

  • VIDEO: Sen. John Barrasso Said About Trump’s Administration That “‘The Idea Is To Let The President Get His Team In Place, So That They Can Hit The Ground Running” As “It’s Best To Give A New President A Chance – For All Of Us To Work Together When We Can.’” “‘Normally on Inauguration Day, the president gets a substantial number of people confirmed to his Cabinet. The idea is to let the president get his team in place, so that they can hit the ground running. […] We understood that it’s best to give a new president a chance –for all of us to work together when we can.’” [Press Release, Office of Senator John Barrasso, 10/25/17 (01:17)]

Watchdog group Accountable.US recently launched the Accountable Senate War Room to fight back against those lawmakers who seek to overturn the will of the people by standing in the way of the smooth transition of power and the swift approval of nominees to ensure that the government can function and deliver results for the American people.

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