Ahead of today’s House Oversight Committee hearing, government watchdog Accountable.US released the following statement:

The MAGA faction of the House of Representatives has taken over the House Oversight Committee and is pulling partisan political stunts instead of focusing on issues that actually matter. They are doing anything they can to damage President Biden so they can push their unpopular agenda of gutting Social Security and Medicare, raising prices on families by imposing a 30 percent national sales tax, and increasing prescription drug costs for seniors. Americans know the MAGA House has the wrong priorities and see these stunts for what they really are.”

Accountable.US Executive Director Tony Carrk

Last week, Accountable.US blasted the Oversight Committee’s first hearing of the 118th Congress focused on pandemic “waste, fraud, and abuse” as a sideshow put on by the same conservatives who ignored past mismanagement and themselves benefited from pandemic aid.

Following the appointment of leading MAGA extremists to the Oversight Committee, Accountable.US slammed Speaker McCarthy’s dangerous capitulation to the MAGA majority’s most extreme fringe, empowering them to launch politically-motivated investigations into the Biden Administration and the president’s family for partisan gain.

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