This press release was originally posted through Western Values Project. Western Values Project is now Accountable.US.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke once again proved to be all hat and no cattle as he continued his taxpayer-funded scenic photo op of Western lands. If Secretary Zinke wants people to think he’s in touch with what people in Western communities want he needs to get one thing straight – riding for the brand is more than slapping on a cowboy hat, even if it’s backwards. This weekend, Zinke posted pictures of himself on the trails with Vice President Mike Pence wearing a backwards cowboy hat.

Here’s a handy guide for Secretary Zinke for the next time he finds himself away from the Potomac playing cowboy.

Maybe if Secretary Zinke spent more time listening to authentic voices from the West about the importance of protecting our public lands, and less time with Washington politicians and special interests about how to drill and mine them, someone could have stopped him from this embarrassing faux pas.

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