WASHINGTON, DC – Senator Tommy Tuberville’s (R-AL) efforts to undermine the military by holding up critical promotions for months reached a fever pitch this week, drawing outrage from his MAGA majority colleagues. But even as most of Congress agrees that Tuberville’s standoff is nothing more than a “national security suicide mission,” Tuberville is being supported in his military blockade by a network of key conservative groups in Washington.

As Senator Tuberville continues to recklessly undermine our military, he’s not acting alone. He is supported by some of Washington’s most powerful conservative institutions, including key groups in conservative kingpin Leonard Leo’s orbit. Conservatives are willing to throw everyday Americans under the bus by threatening our military readiness — all for a cheap political stunt,” said Accountable.US president Caroline Ciccone.

Here are some of the conservative groups providing cover for Senator Tuberville’s reckless military blockade:

Learn more about these groups and others pulling the strings of the House MAGA majority at Accountable.US’s MonitoringInfluence.org.

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