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SEE: Washington Post: Before Trump called for reevaluating lockdowns, they shuttered six of his top-earning clubs and resorts

Reaction from Derek Martin, director of Allied Progress:

“During this crisis, Americans need to know that President Trump has health and safety at the top of his priorities list. But the President’s sudden urgency to reopen the economy despite the advice of health professionals – at the same moment his own hotels and private golf courses are shut down – should give pause to every person who believed he could put country before business. We know that the medical professionals on Trump’s team have put saving lives before all else – unfortunately, we don’t know that the President can do the same.”


President Trump’s private business has shut down six of its top seven revenue-producing clubs and hotels because of restrictions meant to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, potentially depriving Trump’s company of millions of dollars in revenue.

Those closures come as Trump is considering easing restrictions on movement sooner than federal public health experts recommend, in the name of reducing the virus’s economic damage.

In a tweet late Sunday, Trump said the measures could be lifted as soon as March 30. “WE CANNOT LET THE CURE BE WORSE THAN THE PROBLEM ITSELF,” he wrote on Twitter.

In his unprecedented dual role as president and owner of a sprawling business, Trump is facing dual crises caused by the coronavirus. As he is trying to manage the pandemic from the White House, limiting its casualties as well as the economic fallout, his company is also navigating a major threat to the hospitality industry.


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