RHETORIC: “In a statement, [Trump’s] reelection campaign said it ‘did not organize, operate or finance the event.’ No campaign staff members were involved in the organization or operation of the rally, according to the statement. It said that if any former employees or independent contractors for the campaign took part, ‘they did not do so at the direction of the Trump campaign.’” [Associated Press, 01/17/21]  

REALITY: “In the days leading up to the [“Save America Rally” on Jan. 6.] on the Ellipse, Trump was consumed with the event, former White House officials said, as he met with aides to plan the speakers, music and even staging.” [Washington Post, 02/09/21

In response: “The Trump team can pass the buck in a circle all they want, but it only leads back to the insurrectionist-in-chief, Donald Trump. Trump didn’t just deliver a speech clearly intended to incite insurrection, he even helped pick out the intro music himself to put the would-be seditionists in the proper mood. The farther away from the heinous events of January 6th we get, the more we learn about how closely involved Trump and his staff really were,” said Jeremy Funk, spokesman for Accountable.US. 

Government watchdog Accountable.US is behind the “Subsidizing Sedition” project exposing the corporations, elected officials, political groups, and others closely associated with the movement that led to the deadly and seditious Capitol coup attempt on January 6th.   


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