WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, new reporting confirmed that President Trump intends to nominate Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Acting Secretary Chad Wolf to the permanent role of secretary. The move will put Wolf, who previously lied under oath to lawmakers about his role in implementing the administration’s cruel and heinous family separation policy, before Congress once again — even after the Government Accountability Office found that his appointment as acting secretary was illegal.
Accountable.US Spokesperson Lizzy Price made the following statement in response: 
“At Chad Wolf’s last Senate confirmation hearing, he lied to lawmakers’ faces about his role in implementing Trump’s cruel family separation policy. Under that policy, children taken from their families were abused and sexually assaulted. Some even died. How can we expect him to be honest this time around? Not only should Congress refuse to confirm Wolf as DHS secretary — he should be removed from his position as acting secretary altogether.”
The move to secure Wolf as DHS head is just the latest in the administration’s ongoing mistreatment of migrants detained in U.S. custody during the COVID-19 pandemic. DHS continues to hold children in detention facilities at high risk of coronavirus infection almost a month past a court-ordered deadline to release them. And the Trump administration is increasingly housing unaccompanied children and families in hotels in order to keep some of “the most vulnerable migrants” out of a system of accountability.
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