Wealthy, Law Violating Oil CEOs to Meet Behind Closed-Doors with President

HELENA, MT President Trump will meet behind closed doors with at least seven big oil CEOs this afternoon to discuss taxpayer-funded bailout options for the industry as American families face an unprecedented economic and public health crisis to which the administration has yet to adequately respond.

These big oil and corporate CEOs are clearly more important to President Trump than millions of Americans now living in a state of constant worry — over the President’s inadequate response to our crumbling economy and his epic mismanagement of this public health crisis. Before he spends precious time even considering another taxpayer-funded bailout for big oil, Trump needs to do right by the American people,” said Jayson O’Neill, spokesperson for Accountable.US. 

President Trump is scheduled to meet with several multinational oil corporate CEOs who are also his political donors today, including Harold Hamm, the CEO and founder of Continental Resources, who is a major Trump donor. At least three of these same corporations are facing EPA violations for violations that may now go unenforced thanks to Trump. Meanwhile, Governors’ pleas for critical resources from Trump’s Interior Department have thus far gone unanswered.

Learn more about the special interests fueling the Trump Administration at Accountable.US and their ongoing efforts to carve out more big oil and coal bailouts at WesternValuesProject.org, a Montana-based Accountable.US project focused on public lands conservation. 

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