WASHINGTON, D.C. New reports this morning show the Trump administration laying out a dangerous path for the duration of the lame-duck. As detailed in Politico, Trump aides are setting an agenda to push harmful, ideological policies during President Trump’s last days in office through executive orders, agency rules, and the like. Meanwhile, the nation is being ravaged by COVID-19 with little attention paid by the president nor other top administration officials. 

“Amid a handful of last-ditch efforts to hinder President-elect Biden and his team before they take office, the Trump White House appears to want to cement as many harmful policies as possible before his time is up in January,” said Kyle Herrig, president of government watchdog Accountable.US. “While Trump’s full attention should be on curbing the worsening third wave of COVID-19, he and his aides are more focused on playing politics and securing his ideological agenda.” 

Among other issues, the administration appears poised to hinder temporary workers seeking out H-1B visas and to sneakily funnel federal funds toward private and parochial schools. 

The moves follow a concerted effort by Trump and his allies in recent weeks to push regulatory changes that would likely bring about hardships for workers and immigrants and harm the environment.


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