Latest Example of Administration Advancing Special Interest Agenda with Nation Rightly Focused on COVID-19, the Economy, and Protests over Police Brutality and Racism

In the midst of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and on the anniversary of the Pulse Nightclub shooting that left 49 dead to gun violence, the Trump administration’s Health and Human Services Department announced during a Friday afternoon news dump that it will roll back protections for patients who are LGBTQ+ or need language translation services.

“How does President Trump celebrate Pride Month? By ripping away critical protections for LGBTQ+ patients in the midst of a pandemic,” said Karl Frisch, a senior advisor to government watchdog Accountable.US. “The Trump administration has failed in its response to this public health crisis with more than two million infections and 100 thousand deaths. Today’s decision puts the health of queer people in jeopardy and will only make the administration’s failures even worse.”

This is the latest example of the Trump White House advancing extreme policies while the nation remains rightly focused on COVID-19, the economy, and protests over police brutality and racism.

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