New Accountable.US Report Shows Trump and Allies Elevated  QAnon, White Supremacist, and Other Right-Wing Conspiracy Theories 

WASHINGTON, D.C. As the nation reels from 250,000 deaths due to COVID-19, peak hospitalization rates, mass unemployment, and an impossible economic climate for small businesses, President Trump’s attention is elsewhere: on the fringes of the right-wing Internet, where conspiracies about the results of November’s election are bountiful. Despite a still-widening margin of six million and counting votes for President-elect Joe Biden, Trump is digging his heels into spreading misinformation about votes without any evidence — and uplifting conspiracy theories in the process.  

Today, in response to the president’s ongoing election meddling efforts, government watchdog Accountable.US released new research detailing recent moves by the president and his allies to sow disinformation about the results of the November election by elevating and disseminating — often debunked — conspiracy theories from white supremacists, QAnon supporters, and other long-time right-wing conspiracy theorists. The report suggests a direct flow from the furthest right reaches of the internet to the official spokespeople of President Trump, and Trump himself. 

“President Trump has made it clear that his priority for the rest of his term is spreading disinformation about the results of an election he resoundingly lost, not helping the American people,” said Kyle Herrig, president of Accountable.US. “Obsessing over fringe conspiracy theories does not comfort the grieving families of the more than 250,000 who’ve died as a result of the pandemic he’s failed to adequately address, nor does it create jobs for the 11 million out-of-work Americans struggling to make ends meet as we approach yet another relief cliff in December. While the president’s eyes are glued to the dark corners of the internet as he seeks solace for his failed reelection campaign from QAnon trolls, Americans across the nation are suffering.”  

The report covers several of the president and his allies’ troubling behaviors, including: 

  • The president promoting numerical figures developed by “TheDonald.Win” — an online community founded to openly post hate speech and calls to violence — in an attempt to prove his false voter fraud claims.
  • Promoting “Stop The Steal” events planned by white supremacists, including one that led to a stabbing reportedly at the hands of white nationalists. 
  • Lending credibility to the mysterious, propagandic twitter account “Election Wizard,” which promotes election conspiracy theories and follows noted white supremacists and QAnon accounts.
  • Using a QAnon promoted conspiracy to fire a top elections cybersecurity official.

Read Accountable.US’s full report here.


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