EPA Rule Comes Following Study That Links Air Pollution To COVID-19 Deaths

HELENA, MT According to new reporting from Bloomberg Environment, a proposed Trump Administration EPA rule would allow corporations to delay air emissions tests due to the coronavirus pandemic. The rule is currently under review at the Office of Management and Budget, and, if approved, will “take effect for the duration of the national emergency.”

The proposed rule comes after a recent study linked higher levels of air pollution with increased coronavirus death rates. 

Jayson O’Neill, a spokesperson for Accountable.US, issued the following statement: 

“As soon as we learned that air pollution exacerbates COVID-19, what does the Trump Administration do? They turn around and attempt to make it easier for corporations to pollute our air. It’s clear the Trump Administration only cares about giving polluting industries a free pass, and not about protecting Americans’ environment and health.”  

Click here to view our research on Trump’s recent Big Oil bailout meeting, which includes EPA violations. Western Values Project, a project of Accountable.US focused on conservation and accountability, has been tracking how the Trump Administration has been helping polluting industries and political donors during the coronavirus pandemic at the expense of Americans’ health and public lands. 


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