Watchdog Group: “Shameful” to Let Industry Write The Rules During Public Health Crisis

WASHINGTON, D.C. E&E News is reporting that the White House is considering gutting environmental regulations in order to “boost business amid the COVID-19 pandemic.”

In response, Chris Saeger, a spokesperson for Accountable.US, issued the following statement:

“The Trump administration is literally letting industry write the rules. It’s shameful that the administration’s response to this public health crisis — caused by a deadly disease that is exacerbated by air pollution — is to get rid of environmental safeguards in order to make life easier for corporate polluters. This President is working harder for corporate special interests and polluters than he is for the hundreds of thousands of Americans who are sick and dying.”

According to the E&E article, some ideas being floated are “borrowed from conservative Washington think tanks and trade groups that push for dismantling Obama-era environmental regulations limiting air and water pollution.” Accountable.US has been closely tracking how corporations and political donors have been benefitting from the Trump administration’s reaction to the novel coronavirus. Learn more at


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