Ethics Committee to investigate Santos while McCarthy won’t lift a finger

WASHINGTON, DC – Following the House Ethics Committee’s vote to launch an investigation into disgraced Rep. George Santos, government watchdog Accountable.US — which filed a complaint in December with the Office of Congressional Ethics requesting an investigation into Santos — released the following statement:

George Santos’s extensive lies were exposed even before he was sworn in. Why did it take the MAGA House nearly two months to do anything about it? Everyone knows George Santos is a total fraud — even his own constituents have called for him to resign. McCarthy should’ve called for Santos to resign on Day 1. It’s too little, too late from the MAGA majority.”

Accountable.US spokesperson Derek Martin

In December, Accountable.US led the charge by filing a complaint with the Office of Congressional Ethics requesting an investigation if Santos is sworn in. In January, Accountable.US filed a complaint against Santos over campaign finance violations with the Federal Elections Commission, and now the Justice Department is investigating the matter.

A recent report from Accountable.US revealed that a group of GOP House leaders including McCarthy gave nearly $200,000 to Santos’s campaign during the 2022 election, despite apparent knowledge of his lies.

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