Washington, D.C. — With new reports revealing Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert used her campaign funds for rent and utilities costs before reimbursing the campaign, Accountable.US is calling for the Office of Congressional Ethics to investigate Boebert’s repeated campaign finance irregularities:  

“There seems to be no end to Representative Boebert’s apparent failure to comply with basic campaign finance regulations,” said Kyle Herrig, president of Accountable.US. “Millions of Americans struggled to make rent this year, but not many of them had a campaign slush fund to pull from for their own convenience. The Office of Congressional Ethics should immediately investigate Boebert’s repeated campaign finance irregularities — the public deserves to know the extent and severity of her ethical violations.” 

Earlier this year, Accountable.US sent a letter to the Office of Congressional Ethics requesting an investigation into Boebert’s exorbitant and questionable travel expenses from the 2020 election cycle. As reported in the Denver Post, Boebert’s travel expenses — for which she reimbursed herself over $22,000 — raise serious ethical questions and demand further scrutiny.  


  • “The report, submitted to the FEC on Tuesday, details a series of four payments this year totaling $6,650 to John Pacheco, whose address is the same as Shooters Grill in Rifle, Colorado — the gun-themed restaurant that Boebert owns. The payments are described as rent and utilities that had been erroneously billed to campaign.”
  • “It is against the law to use campaign funds for personal use. And Adav Noti, a top official with the nonpartisan Campaign Legal Center, said using donors’ money to pay rent and utilities is a ‘flagrant violation.’ ‘There are some gray areas in campaign finance law, and this is really not one of them,’ added Noti, a former associate general counsel at the FEC.”
  • “In an August letter to the Boebert campaign questioning the expenses, FEC campaign finance analyst Shannon Ringgold warned that the commission ‘may consider taking further legal action’ if it found that the four payments in question were used to improperly cover personal expenses.” 

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