Today, in their last meeting before the American public, the House Select Committee formed to investigate the violent assault on democracy on January 6, 2021, released their final report outlining the actions and actors who fed the “Big Lie” up to the Insurrection. 

Among the meeting’s biggest moments—the referral of four sitting House members  Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and fellow Republican U.S. Representatives Jim Jordan, Scott Perry and Andy Biggs – for an ethics probe for their support of Trump’s plans to undermine our democracy and their refusal to cooperate with the committee’s subpoenas in the aftermath of the attack.

Not only do these members continue to hold their positions of power, but two are slated to hold even more powerful roles in the next Congress. As Minority Leader McCarthy remains in the running to become the next Speaker of the House, Rep. Jordan is set to ascend to head of the House Judiciary Committee. 

While all eyes are on the next steps of the House Ethics Committee, we must not forget the special interests, big-money donors, and corporations that have supported, made excuses for, or turned a blind eye to their role in the insurrection. Accountable.US released an analysis finding these Members have collectively banked at least $1.2 million in contributions from Fortune 500 companies and industry trade groups since the direct and violent assault on our democracy that day.

Here is a breakdown of the corporate donors who have spent their profits propping up the figures referred by the committee: 

Kevin McCarthy (R-CA)

Since 2021, Fortune 500 companies and corporate trade groups have contributed over a million dollars to Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy – a defender of the Big Lie and the presumed next Speaker of the House. Among the brands that had his back with donations of $10,000 each are General Dynamics, Home Depot, and Raytheon. 

Jim Jordan (R-OH) 

Jim Jordan was rewarded with $92,000 in campaign cash after his vote to negate the will of voters in service to the Big Lie. His top donors include the National Beer Wholesalers Association Political Action Committee and Wine And Spirits Wholesalers of America, who each contributed $10,000 to his campaign war chest. 

Scott Perry (R-PA)

The PACs of the National Automobile Dealers Association, the National Association of Home Builders, and the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America are among the Fortune 500 trade associations and companies that contributed a total of $52,000 to Scott Perry’s re-election.

Andy Biggs (R-AZ)

Fortune 500 companies and corporate trade groups contributed over $12,000 to Andy Biggs since the January 6th attack, including Western Energy Alliance PAC, Burger King Franchisee PAC, and Lockheed Martin.

A History of Seditious Spending

For nearly two years, Accountable.US has documented the millions of dollars in corporate money that continued to flow to the 147 members of the Sedition Caucus. Our message has been clear: by donating to these lawmakers, corporations are saying they share those values. 

Our ongoing American Democracy Scorecard project has called out dozens of Fortune 500 companies that trumpet their support of democracy and voting rights while simultaneously funneling money to the very people out to destroy it and disenfranchise voters of color. 

Stay tuned for Accountable.US’s most up-to-date total of donations from corporate interests to election deniers in Congress.

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