A Former Clinton Administration Treasury Secretary and Obama Administration Council Of Economic Council Director Who Has Argued That “Blaming Inflation On Corporate Greed […] Is At Best Diversionary.

Economist Larry Summers Has Frequently Tried to Deflect Inflation Blame Away from Corporate Profiteering

Summers’ “Turbulent” Five Years As Harvard’s President Included An “Unusual And Ill-Judged” Investment

This investment caused the university to lose $1 billion during the 2008 Financial Crisis and having the university pick up his "close" friend's tab in a $26.5 million federal insider trading settlement—the friend's hedge fund manager wife, also named in the federal lawsuit, would later become a donor for Summers' wife's "flagship project" TV show.

Larry Summers Sits On The Board Of At Least Three Major Companies That Have Benefited From Price Increases During The Pandemic While Holdings MIllions In Company Stock And Taking Nearly $767,000 In Regular Pay From These Companies In Their 2021 Fiscal Years Alone.


Summers Is On The Board Of Multiple Non-Profit Organizations With Deep Ties To Corporate America And Wall Street


Larry Summers’ Wife, A Long-Time Harvard Literature Professor, Leads A Non-Profit Whose “Flagship Project” Has Taken Money From New York Real Estate “Scions,” A Major Hedge Fund Manager, And Even The Late Convicted Sexual Predator And Financier Jeffrey Epstein.


Larry Summers And His Wife Own A $4.3 Million Home With 8 Bedrooms, 5 Full Bathrooms, And “Grand Spaces Of A Bygone Era”—Summers’ Town Of Brookline, MA Has Long Known For Its Extremely Wealthy Residents


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