President Obama’s Former “Top Economic Advisor“—Has Said “‘Corporate Greed Is A Bad Theory Of Inflation’” And Said Price Hikes Helped Prevent “‘Worse Shortages’”

Jason Furman—President Obama's Former "Top Economic Advisor"—Has Said "'Corporate Greed Is A Bad Theory Of Inflation'" And Said Price Hikes Helped Prevent “‘Worse Shortages.’”


When He Joined The Obama Campaign In 2008, Jason Furman Was Lambasted By The Labor Movement As A “Corporate Pariah” And “Wall Street Insider”


In His Last Financial Disclosure, Jason Furman Reported As Much As $62.7 Million In Assets And Potentially $3.4 Million In Annual Income From Trusts, LLCs, And Various Accounts


Furman Is Currently The “Aetna Professor Of Practice Of Economic Policy” At Harvard—Notably, The Aetna Foundation Has Given Harvard Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars In Recent Years


Furman Is An “Exclusive” For-Hire Speaker At An Elite Speakers Firm That Offers Businesses His “Expert Insights”—Furman Has Also Disclosed Appearing Before Several Major Companies Including Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Warburg Pincus, And Others


Jason Furman Was Once Director Of The Hamilton Project, A Centrist Group Founded By A Top Citigroup Executive And Former Clinton Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin


Furman Is A Nonresident Senior Fellow For A Corporate-Backed Nonprofit Chaired By A Private Equity Firm Co-Founder And Fiscal Hawk Who Has Called On Biden To “‘Stop The Spending.’”


In 2019, Jason Furman Sold A Manhattan Co-Op In A Building Known For Celebrity Residents For $3.6 Million


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