Catherine Rampell, A Washington Post Columnist And Prominent Economic Pundit, Has Repeatedly Argued That Inflation Was Not Due To Corporate Profiteering, Accusing Democrats Of “Demagoguing,” “Grandstand[ing],” And Of Falsely Making Corporate Greed A “Villain.”


Catherine Rampell Is A Washington Post Opinion Columnist And Pundit Who Has Appeared On CNN, PBS NewsHour, And Marketplace, And Previously Wrote For The New York Times.


Catherine Rampell Is Currently “An Opinion Columnist At The Washington Post,” Where She “Covers Economics, Public Policy, Immigration And Politics.” “Catherine Rampell is an opinion columnist at The Washington Post. She frequently covers economics, public policy, immigration and politics, with a special emphasis on data-driven journalism.” [The Washington Post, accessed 09/16/22]

  • Rampell Is Also “An Economic And Political Commentator For CNN, A Special Correspondent For The PBS NewsHour And A Contributor To Marketplace.” “She is also an economic and political commentator for CNN, a special correspondent for the PBS NewsHour and a contributor to Marketplace.” [The Washington Post, accessed 09/16/22]

Prior To Joining The Washington Post, Rampell Worked At The New York Times Where She Wrote About Economics And Theater. “Before joining The Post, she wrote about economics and theater for the New York Times.”  [The Washington Post, accessed 09/16/22

  • While At The New York Times, Rampell Wrote For Its Blog, Economix:


[The New York Times, accessed 09/16/22]

  • Rampell Was At The New York Times From July 2008 Through February 2014:


[LinkedIn Profile for Catherine Rampell, accessed 09/16/22]

According To Her LinkedIn Page, Rampell Was Also A Visiting Scholar At New York University’s Robert F. Wagner Graduate School Of Public Service, From October 2016 To May 2017:


[LinkedIn Profile for Catherine Rampell, accessed 09/16/22]

Catherine Rampell Has Repeatedly Criticized Congressional Democrats In Washington Post Opinion Pieces Claiming They Are “Demagoguing” And “Grandstand[ing]” About Corporate Greed, And Has Repeatedly Called Corporate Greed Democrats’ “Villain,” Arguing Instead That Supply And Demand Is The Main Explanation For Inflation.

July 2022: Catherine Rampell Criticized Democrats For “Demagoguing About Dumb Stuff Such As ‘Corporate Greed.’” “Instead, many Democrats spend their time demagoguing about dumb stuff such as ‘corporate greed,’ which won’t affect inflation one way or the other.” [The Washington Post, 07/28/22

June 2022: In An Opinion Article Titled “Greed Is Dead. Long Live Greed!,” Rampell Defended Corporate Greed Saying That The Ability To Raise Prices Was Simply “Determined By Demand And Supply.” As I’ve written several times: Companies are always greedy, meaning they always hope to maximize profits. Their ability to raise prices and make money is determined by demand and supply, which have been wacky and unpredictable lately.” [The Washington Post, 06/14/22]

  • Rampell Further Blasted “Greedflationists” For Failing To Notice That Profits And Prices “Have Recently Been Headed In Opposite Directions,” Accusing Them Of “Demagoguery” And Misdiagnosing The Problem. Somehow the greedflationists failed to notice that the fact pattern no longer fits their preferred narrative — that is, prices and profits have recently been heading in opposite directions. […] Greedflationist demagoguery was at best a source of confusion. At worst, the misdiagnosis of inflation’s causes has distracted from remedies that might modestly help (repealing tariffs and shipping restrictions or fixing the immigration bottlenecks contributing to labor shortages) and has created momentum for policies that might make inflation worse (such as price controls).” [The Washington Post, 06/14/22]

May 2022: Rampell Criticized Democrats For “Grandstand[ing] About Corporate Greed” Saying “It’s Just Cheap Talk, So Democrats Can Show They’re Doing Something About Inflation.” “I’ve been scolded before, including by White House senior aides, for making a fuss about Democrats’ demagoguery on this issue. So what if Biden and Democratic lawmakers want to grandstand about corporate greed? Who cares whether Biden asks for another gratuitous investigation into whether ‘illegal’ conduct is driving up gas prices? This kind of populist anti-corporate rhetoric polls well, they say. It does no harm. It’s just cheap talk, so Democrats can show they’re Doing Something about inflation.” [The Washington Post, 05/12/22]

May 2022: During A Conversation With The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Rampell Said That “Democrats Did Not Take My Advice” And Instead Of “Rebranding Themselves As The Pro-Economy” And “Pro-Business” Party, They “Doubled Down” On “Populist Rhetoric” Of “Corporate Greed.” “Democrats did not take my advice, and rather than rebranding themselves as the new pro-economy, pro-growth, even pro-business party, they have also doubled down on much of this […] populist rhetoric and often punitive rhetoric about companies. Now their logic is a little bit different, they want to punish companies for corporate greed.” [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel via YouTube, 05/02/22 (1:01:14)]  

May 2022: Rampell Criticized Democrats For Pointing To “Heinous Villain Corporate Greed” As Opposed To The Pandemic And Higher Consumer Demand Driving Inflation. Democrats stopped denying inflation was real. They moved on to righteous fury. The problem, they declared, wasn’t that policymakers had run the economy a little too hot — nor even that we’d been struck by some unlucky supply shocks. It was that heinous villain Corporate Greed at work. Rapacious oil companies and other megacorporations had suddenly decided to jack up prices, Democrats said. Why these companies had never decided to exercise this power before — say, during the early months of the pandemic, when profits plunged and oil briefly went negative — remained unexplained. Nothing to do with consumer demand plummeting then or rocketing now. Of course not.” [The Washington Post, 05/02/22]

March 2022: Rampell Wrote That “Democrats’ Preferred Villain Is ‘Corporate Greed’” And That Their Accusations Of “‘Profiteering’” Is Simply “Tautology.”  “Aside from Vladimir Putin, whose contributions to high energy prices are relatively recent, Democrats’ preferred villain is ‘corporate greed’ or ‘profiteering.’ This explanation polls well, which might be why Biden and others on the left keep citing it. But it does little to explain why gas prices are up so much — or what could help to bring them down. Corporations didn’t suddenly remember that they’re supposed to be greedy. And ‘profiteering’ might sound like an incriminating accusation, but it has little meaning other than ‘prices are higher than politicians want them to be.’ Blaming ‘high prices’ on ‘profiteering’ isn’t an explanation; it’s a tautology.” [The Washington Post, 03/21/22]

Rampell Has Criticized Several Biden Policies, As She Called His Student Debt Cancellation “A Left-Wing Version Of Trickle-Down Economics,” Criticized Him For “Embrac[ing] The Narrative That Corporate Greed Was To Blame For Inflation,” And Blasted Him For “Getting Bad Advice” On Inflation.

August 2022: Rampell Criticized Biden’s Student Debt Forgiveness Plan, Calling It “Trickle-Down Economics” For Democrats That Would “Give Money To The Rich.” “Democrats have adopted a left-wing version of trickle-down economics — apparently believing that the only way to help the needy is to also give money to the rich. Look no further than President Biden’s student debt forgiveness plan.” [The Washington Post, 08/25/22]

  • Rampell Further Criticized Biden By Saying The Forgiveness Costs Too Much, And “Cancels Out All The Deficit Reduction Biden Just Achieved Through The Inflation Reduction Act.” Biden’s student debt forgiveness plan also costs more than Congress just appropriated for climate change. Or on fighting child poverty through the expanded child tax credit. Or on almost any other issue progressives usually claim to care about. It also more than cancels out all the deficit reduction Biden just achieved through the Inflation Reduction Act.” [The Washington Post, 08/25/22]

March 2022: Rampell Criticized Biden For “Embrac[ing]” The Narrative That Corporate Greed Was To Blame For Inflation, Writing That “He Preemptively Berated The Petroleum Industry” For Raising Prices. “The most visible champion of this narrative is Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), who has blamed ‘corporate greed’ for price spikes in cars, groceries and more. The solution, then, is to find new ways to shame and punish corporations. The White House economic team has been divided about whether to endorse this explanation for rising prices, but President Biden himself has increasingly embraced it. For instance, when he spoke Tuesday about banning Russian oil imports, he preemptively berated the petroleum industry for any attempt at “excessive price increases” and “profiteering or price gouging.” These words sound damning — but they have little substantive meaning beyond “raising prices more than I think they should.” [The Washington Post, 03/10/22]

January 2022: Rampell Criticized President Biden For Getting “Bad Advice About Inflation.” “President Biden is getting bad advice about inflation. It’s unclear if that advice is coming from political strategists or from economic advisers. Either way: It’s still bad.” [The Washington Post, 01/10/22]

In A January 2019 Appearance On The Bill Maher Show, Rampell Said That “Presidents Get Too Much Blame When The Economy Is Bad,” But Criticized President Biden In January 2022 For Not Using His “Relatively Limited Tools For Fighting Inflation,” Including “Lifting Tariffs Or Accelerating The Process For Legal Immigration.”

January 2019: During An Appearance On Real Time With Bill Maher, Rampell Said That “Presidents Get Too Much Credit When The Economy Is Good [And] Too Much Blame When The Economy Is Bad.” “I would say presidents get too much blame when the economy is good [and] too much blame when the economy is bad.” [Real Time With Bill Maher via YouTube, 01/19/19 (0:11)]

January 2022: Rampell Criticized Biden For Not Using The “Relatively Limited Tools” He Possesses To Tackle Inflation “Such As Lifting Tariffs Or Accelerating The Process For Legal Immigration.” The truth is that presidents have relatively limited tools for fighting inflation. Biden has been reluctant to pull even those levers, such as lifting tariffs or accelerating the process for legal immigration. By law, in any case, it’s the Federal Reserve’s job to maintain stable prices.” [The Washington Post, 01/10/22]

Catherine Rampell’s Employer The Washington Post Is Owned By Billionaire Jeff Bezos, And Rampell Has Written A Column Opposed To The Stop BEZOS Act, Which Would’ve Pressured Major Companies Like Amazon To Pay A Living Wage.


Catherine Rampell’s Employer The Washington Post Is Currently Owned By Jeff Bezos—Who Is Currently The Second Wealthiest Individual In The World—Purchasing The Outlet For $250 Million In Cash In 2013.

August 2013: Rampell’s Employer, The Washington Post, Was Acquired By Amazon Founder And Billionaire Jeff Bezos, For An Estimated “$250 Million In Cash.” The Washington Post Co. agreed Monday to sell its flagship newspaper to founder and chief executive Jeffrey P. Bezos, ending the Graham family’s stewardship of one of America’s leading news organizations after four generations. Bezos, whose entrepreneurship has made him one of the world’s richest men, will pay $250 million in cash for The Post and affiliated publications to The Washington Post Co., which owns the newspaper and other businesses.” [The Washington Post, 08/05/13]

As Of September 15, 2022, Jeff Bezos Is Currently The Second Wealthiest Person In The World, With An Estimated Net Worth Of Nearly $149 Billion:

Jeff Bezos

[Forbes, accessed 09/15/22]

In A 2021 Appearance On CNN, Rampell Admitted That Bezos Owns Her Employer, But Suggested That You Cannot Blame The Rich For The Way The “Tax Code Is Working As It Was Designed To Do,” And Has Criticized The Stop BEZOS Act, Which Would Incentivize Companies Like Amazon And Walmart To Pay Their Workers A Livable Wage.

June 2021: During An Appearance On CNN, Rampell Told Jake Tapper To Not Blame The Rich For The Current Tax Code, After Disclosing Bezos Owns The Washington Post. “By the way, I must disclose Jeff Bezos […] personally owns the Washington Post, which I work for, but look this is the tax code working as it was designed to do.” [CNN via YouTube, 06/09/21 (2:04)]

September 2018: In An Opinion Piece For The Washington Post, Rampell Wrote That Congress Should Tax Bezos More, But Also Criticized Democrats For Their “Stop BEZOS Act,” Which Rampell Claimed Was “A Terrible Way” To Help Low-Income And Working Families.” “By all means, let’s raise the living standards of workers at Amazon, Walmart, McDonald’s and other employers of low-wage Americans. And, by all means, let’s raise Jeffrey P. Bezos’s taxes, too. The founder of Amazon (and owner of The Post) is the wealthiest man in the world. He didn’t need the tax cut that Republicans just gave people like him. But the sloppily designed Stop Bad Employers by Zeroing Out Subsidies Act (a.k.a., ahem, the ‘Stop BEZOS Act’) is a terrible way to do either of these things. It’s virtually guaranteed to hurt the very low-income working families its sponsors want to help.” [The Washington Post, 09/06/18]

  • The Bill Would Tax Companies “For Every Dollar That Their Low-Wage Workers Receive In Government Assistance,” Such As Food Stamps. The ‘Bezos Act’ would tax corporations for every dollar that their low-wage workers receive in government assistance. […] The bill, pointedly called the Stop Bad Employers by Zeroing Out Subsidies, or Bezos, Act, is aimed at shaming companies like Amazon and Walmart, whose workers rely on public assistance. For months, Sanders has targeted Amazon, juxtaposing the wealth of CEO Jeff Bezos with reports that Amazon warehouse workers are paid less than industry averages and rely on food stamps.” [CNBC, 09/05/18]
  • Rampell Contends The Bill “Would Discourage Firms Hiring Low-Skilled Workers,” And Workers Who Collect Government Benefits. “The bill would discourage firms from hiring low-skilled workers. That’s a given. But worse, it would discourage them from hiring workers suspected of drawing benefits. These workers come, disproportionately, from some of the most vulnerable populations: families with children, older people and workers with disabilities.” [The Washington Post, 09/06/18]

April 2018: According To The Intercept, In States Like Arizona, “One In Three” Of Amazon Workers At The Time Depended On Food Stamps. “But this new revenue will effectively function as a double subsidy for the company: In Arizona, new data suggests that one in three of the company’s own employees depend on SNAP to put food on the table. In Pennsylvania and Ohio, the figure appears to be around one in 10. Overall, of five states that responded to a public records request for a list of their top employers of SNAP recipients, Amazon cracked the top 20 in four.” [The Intercept, 04/19/18]

Catherine Rampell Is A Featured Speaker At An Elite Public Speakers’ Bureau Alongside A-List Celebrities, Which Touts Major Corporate Clients And Can Charge Speaker Fees Over $100,000.


Catherine Rampell Is A Featured Speaker At The Elite American Program Bureau Alongside Major Celebrities Such As Al Pacino, Ellen DeGeneres, Arnold Schwarzenegger—The Bureau Touts Corporate Clients Such As PayPal, The Ford Company, And NBC, And Can Charge Over $100,000 In Fees.

Catherine Rampell Has Been A Featured Speaker For The American Program Bureau (APB) —A Massachusetts-Based Speaking Engagement Firm. [American Program Bureau, accessed 09/20/22]

Among APB’s Most Recognizable Speakers Are Al Pacino, Ellen DeGeneres, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Anderson Cooper, Jay Leno, Mark Cuban, And Others. [American Program Bureau, accessed 09/20/22]

APB Touts Its Corporate Clients, Including PayPal, The Ford Motor Company, NBC, And The Institute Of Printed Circuits, Among Others. [American Program Bureau, accessed 09/20/22]

According To APB’s Website, Speaker Fees Can Range Anywhere From “$7,500 & Under” To “$75,000-$100,000+”:


[American Program Bureau, accessed 09/20/22]

APB Hosts Video Of Rampell Speaking To MTV On How The Great Recession Impacted Millennials. [APB Speakers via YouTube, 05/23/17]

Catherine Rampell Has Been A Frequent Guest On “Real Time With Bill Maher,” Alongside Wealthy Celebrities And Political Figures.

Catherine Rampell Has Been A Frequent Guest On “Real Time With Bill Maher,” Appearing Alongside Celebrity Guests Such As Actor Martin Short, Former NFL Running Back Marshawn Lynch, Former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, And Actor B.J. Novak.

September 2017: Rampell Appeared On “Real Time With Bill Maher,” Alongside Guests Such As Actor And Comedian Martin Short, Former Representative Barney Frank (D-MA), Sports Commentator Bob Costas, And Former Republican Strategist Rick Wilson. [Real Time With Bill Maher, 09/23/17]

Rampell Alongside Maher, Short, And Wilson:


[Instagram, 09/23/17]

January 2019: Rampell Appeared On “Real Time With Bill Maher,” Alongside Guests Such As Former NFL Running Back Marshawn Lynch And Former Representative Barney Frank (D-MA). [Real Time With Bill Maher via YouTube, 01/19/19]

Catherine Rampell On “Real Time With Bill Maher”:

Catherine Rampell On "Real Time With Bill Maher"

[Real Time With Bill Maher via YouTube, 01/19/19]

Rampell Appeared Alongside Former NFL Running Back Marshawn Lynch:

Rampell Appeared Alongside Former NFL Running Back Marshawn Lynch

[Real Time With Bill Maher via YouTube, 01/19/19]

  • April 2017: Lynch Signed A Contract With The Oakland Raiders Of The National Football League For A Base Salary Of $9 Million For Two Years, “With A Chance To Earn Up To $16.5 Million.” Running back Marshawn Lynch was traded by the Seahawks to the Raiders on Wednesday after agreeing to a two-year contract with Oakland, officially ending his Seattle career and allowing him to return to the NFL after a one-year retirement and fulfill a childhood dream of playing for his hometown team. and others reported that Oakland will pay Lynch a base salary of $9 million over the two seasons with a chance to earn up to $16.5 million if he reaches all incentives.” [The Seattle Times, 04/16/17]

August 2019: Rampell Appeared Again On Bill Maher With Former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, NBC Chief Foreign Correspondent Richard Engel, And Former White House Director Of Communications Anthony Scaramucci. [Real Time With Bill Maher via YouTube, 08/19/19]

Rampell Posted A Picture Alongside Maher, McAuliffe, Scaramucci, Engel And Engel:

Rampell Posted A Picture Alongside Maher

[Instagram, 08/10/19]

  • According To Disclosures, McAuliffe Owned “Reported Assets Of Between $6.9 Million And About $12.8 Million,” During The 2021 Virginia Governor’s Race. “McAuliffe reported assets of between $6.9 million and about $12.8 million. The former governor, who served from 2014 to 2018, has long been a prodigious Democratic fundraiser, but Youngkin’s personal wealth and willingness to spend his own money could make this year’s race the most expensive in Virginia history.” [The Washington Post, 07/02/21]

August 2022: Rampell Again Appeared On Real Time With Bill Maher Alongside Actor B.J. Novak. [Real Time With Bill Maher via YouTube, 08/19/22]

Catherine Rampell On “Real Time With Bill Maher”:

Catherine Rampell On "Real Time With Bill Maher"

[Real Time With Bill Maher via YouTube, 08/19/22]

  • According To IMDb, B.J. Novak Is A “Writer And Director” Best Known For “Playing Ryan Howard From The Office.” B. J. Manaly Novak is a Jewish-American actor, writer and director from Newton, Massachusetts known for playing Ryan Howard from The Office. He wrote several episodes for the show.” [IMDb, accessed 09/16/22]

Rampell Posted A Picture Alongside Bill Maher, B.J. Novak, And Conservative Commentator Noah Rothman On Her Instagram Profile:

Rampell Posted A Picture Alongside Bill Maher, B.J. Novak, And Conservative Commentator Noah Rothman On Her Instagram Profile:

[Instagram, 08/20/22]

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