Washington, D.C Ahead of twice-impeached former President Trump’s America First Policy Institute summit speech, government watchdog Accountable.US released an updated analysis showing that Fortune 500 companies and corporate trade associations donated nearly $820,000 in June alone to those in Congress who voted against certifying the 2020 election in the immediate aftermath of the insurrection. Since the violent coup attempt, total donations from corporate interests to the group that has been dubbed the ‘Sedition Caucus’ now stand at over $21.5 million.

The new report also found that eight of the election objectors who are participating in the Summit, such as Reps. McCarthy, Johnson, and Scalise, have received a total of $124,500 in June alone. In addition, seven companies and trade groups — including Corning and the Snack Food Association PAC — gave to the election objectors for the first time since the Capitol riot for a total of $16,000 in June.  

The more the January 6th Committee details how close we came to losing our democracy, the more corporations owe an explanation as to why they keep funding Donald Trump’s pawns in Congress who tried to finish what the insurrectionists started by voting to throw out the 2020 election results. Companies that claim to support democracy but fail to align their political spending with their stated values need to make it clear to their customers, shareholders, and own employees that they value something much more – having political influence over lawmakers no matter how dangerous their views.

Companies that dismiss the majority of Americans who want to see businesses more engaged in the defense of democracy do so at the risk of their reputation. It’s terribly-shortsighted because at the end of the day, a healthy democracy will always be what’s best for their business."

Kyle Herrig, president of Accountable.US

In August 2021, Accountable.US launched its searchable tracker that allows the public to search Fortune 500 corporations and big corporate trade associations that have contributed to those in Congress that voted against certifying the 2020 election since January of last year — including corporations that made pledges to halt or pause donations to the lawmakers that perpetuated the Big Lie. 


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