WASHINGTON, DC – Today, the New York Times reported that billionaire mega-donor Barre Seid donated a staggering $1.6 billion to conservative legal firebrand Leonard Leo’s far-right judicial group Marble Freedom Trust, likely the largest “single contribution ever made to a politically-focused nonprofit. The group is one of many dark money organizations operated by Leo whose is massive in both its scale and influence, consisting of many right-wing judicial organizations that promote extreme views and support judges who oppose environmental protections, regulations, voting rights, and abortion access.

This unprecedented $1.6 billion donation to Leonard Leo’s Marble Freedom Trust instantly makes the organization one of the most serious threats to American democracy and the legitimacy of our judiciary. The ultra-wealthy have spent millions of dollars supporting the Leo network’s far-right groups to spread anti-democratic views and stack the federal bench with far-right judges eager to erase the rights of women, voters, and unions. They will stop at nothing to impose their fringe political ideology on all Americans.”

Kayla Hancock, Director of Power and Influence at Accountable.US
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