Roberts “gave the middle finger” to public by refusing to testify

WASHINGTON, DC – Following bombshell news revealing troubling ethics issues involving Justices Clarence Thomas and Neil Gorsuch, public trust in the Court has plummeted. Instead of addressing the serious concerns undermining the Court’s credibility and integrity, Chief Justice Roberts dodged responsibility and refused to act — further underscoring the need for urgent court reform. But don’t just take our word for it:

Vanity Fair: John Roberts Just Gave the Middle Finger to the Senate—and the Public: “Roberts’ letter is just the latest display of the court’s contempt for the American public. For weeks, members of the bench have been under renewed scrutiny following revelations about Clarence Thomas’s lucrative friendship with conservative billionaire Harlan Crow, which prompted Democrats to press Roberts for an internal inquiry. Durbin and his colleagues have argued that the high court—whose members enjoy awesome power and lifetime appointments—should be held at least to the same ethical standard as others in the judicial branch. But Roberts’ reluctance to even publicly address the still-unfolding scandals–let alone submit himself for questioning about them on Capitol Hill next week—underscores both the challenges in reining in this rogue court and the urgent need to do so.”

NBC News: Supreme Court draws fire for ethics inaction: “Several experts faulted the court for doubling down on its decision not to adopt a formal code of conduct when public trust in the institution has plummeted after high-profile ethical concerns, as well as a public backlash to some of its rulings on hot-button issues like abortion and guns.”

Slate: King Roberts: “These are the ploys of emperors. Unquestioned, unlimited authority may befit a ruler who reigns by divine right. But the chief justice, like all government officials, ultimately draws his power from the people. He wields a gavel, not a scepter. And the Constitution grants him no overarching right to insulate his entire court from the kind of minimal accountability without which no democracy can thrive.”

Above the Law: The Bipartisan Effort To Get Chief Justice John Roberts To Do The Right Thing: “And the Chief Justice’s dismissive attitude about the ethics problems that have come to define his Court is not encouraging. Nor is it new. Every other branch of government — and the lower courts — have actual, enforceable codes of ethics but John Roberts continues to operate under the assumption that these ethics scandals aren’t a problem and if he just ignores the issue, it’ll go away.”


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