In a new op-ed, Heritage Foundation president and Project 2025 leader Kevin Roberts calls for a full shutdown of Congress as a so-called “proportionate response” to the recent Trump conviction — echoing the radical authoritarianism found in Project 2025’s lengthy manifesto. Project 2025, which Roberts’ Heritage Foundation is leading and organizing, has put forward proposals to dismantle institutions, abolish checks and balances, and consolidate power within the executive branch in a comprehensive attempt to undermine American democracy.

Conservative leaders are disregarding the rule of law to attack our democratic institutions when they themselves have a plan to gut our checks and balances to allow for a presidential power grab. This agenda threatens our democracy and everyday Americans’ rights.”

Accountable.US executive director Tony Carrk

According to The New York Times, as leader of Heritage Foundation’s Project 2025, Roberts aims to “consolidate power in the executive branch, dismantle federal agencies and recruit and vet government employees” for a potential future administration. Ultimately, Roberts’ demands intend to weaponize the branches of government in service of a far-right, unpopular conservative ideology.

Earlier this week, Accountable.US announced its support of the Stop Project 2025 Task Force, led by Representative Jared Huffman (D-CA) and founded alongside other progressive leaders in Congress. Accountable.US launched its Expose Project 2025 campaign to uncover the sprawling dark money network, key funders, and conservative figures behind the extreme Project 2025 effort threatening our democracy. Learn more at


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