Does President Biden have a Commerce secretary? I am going to assume yes, but this person has yet to do something so villainous and/or astonishingly corrupt that I need to worry about them on a regular basis. (Thank you, Gina Raimondo!) The same cannot be said of former president Donald Trump’s Cabinet members, who simply could not stop getting investigated for ethics violations; for literally falling asleep during meetings; and for wasting taxpayer money on private jets, lavish office furniture, and personalized commemorative coins. Now that they’re gone, we can finally turn our attention to more substantive government matters.

But should a wholesome grocery chain really associate itself with someone who abused her position and office staff to boost her family’s shipping business? (That was the conclusion of an inspector general’s report on Chao, which was referred to the Justice Department for possible criminal investigation in December 2020, then promptly dropped.) Thousands of Twitter users said no. They urged their followers to #BoycottKroger, while Accountable.US, a progressive watchdog organization, erected a billboard in Cincinnati calling on the company to “Drop Elaine Chao.”

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