Watchdog Finds That AT&T Texas PAC Reported A $100K Contribution to TX Governor Abbott On The Same Day He Called For A Special Session To Pass Voter Suppression Bill

Washington, D.C. — Today, as Texas lawmakers are forced to disclose their campaign donations since the beginning of the year and the state’s Republican lawmakers continue their assault on voting rights, government watchdog Accountable.US unveiled a new live resource tracking big corporations and their executives’ donations to Texas lawmakers peddling the Big Lie.

As the group identifies key national and state corporations, trade groups, PACs, and business leaders who have donated to the lawmakers pushing voter suppression, it will post its findings in real-time on its live blog.

“As Texas Republicans launched a full-scale attack on voting rights, especially for those in Black and brown communities, the corporations who funded them tried to hide in the shadows pretending to oppose their flagrantly anti-democratic actions. Now that their money trails are available for all to see, these companies’ hypocrisy is on full display,” said Kyle Herrig, president of Accountable.US. “Businesses who have claimed to support voting rights have a choice: stand on the side of racist attacks on our democracy or cut their ties with the lawmakers behind the anti-voter legislation.”

Yesterday, Accountable.US found that despite AT&T’s recent public statements in support of voting rights, AT&T Texas PAC reported a $100,000 contribution to Texas Governor Greg Abbott on the same day Abbott called for a special legislative session to pass a voter suppression bill among other controversial right-wing priorities.

Earlier this week, the group released an analysis showing that several members of the Texas Senate and House committees behind the voter suppression effort have received substantial donations from major American businesses and corporate leaders, including AT&T affiliated PACs, oil and gas company affiliated PACs and their leadership, and leadership of the San Antonio Spurs.

In addition to the live blog, the group will also share its findings on its Twitter feed.

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