WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, on the heels of Biden’s announcement of actions on immigration reform yesterday afternoon, government watchdog Accountable.US launched a new ad campaign calling on the nation’s top corporations and universities not to hire the architects of Trump’s heinous family separation policy. The ads, which target Fortune 500 companies in Washington DC, Silicon Valley, and NYC, remind viewers that Trump administration officials responsible for the policy — under which immigrant children were ripped away from their families and caged with many abused — should not be rewarded for their participation in this dark chapter of our country’s history. 

 “Trump’s family separation policy caused immeasurable harm and suffering for hundreds of immigrant families that continues to this day,” said Accountable.US President Kyle Herrig. “If they hire these officials, corporate executives would be saying those heinous values are now their company’s values. We shouldn’t be rewarding the Trump administration’s rampant cruelty.”  


“The architects of the Trump administration’s family separation policy are looking for their next jobs. Don’t hire them. Don’t reward hate.  

“These officials ripped thousands of children from their parents’ arms. They detained children in appalling conditions. Some children died. More than 600 may never see their parents again. By hiring the architects of this barbaric policy, you’re saying their values are your values. Don’t let hate define your company.” 

The ads are part of the group’s Hate for Hire campaign, an effort to ensure that the Trump administration officials involved in and responsible for ripping immigrant children from their parents’ arms at the border are not able to take refuge in the nation’s leading universities and boardrooms, whitewashing their reputations and landing cushy jobs after their horrific actions. 

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