WASHINGTON, DC — As the Republican-controlled House of Representatives repeatedly engages in political stunts branded as “investigations,” key groups such as the Heritage Foundation, Conservative Partnership Institute, and Judicial Watch have stepped in to bridge the gap between former President Donald Trump and MAGA extremists in the House. A new report from CNN outlines the major dark-money groups influencing powerful committees and House leadership. These groups have had a heavy hand on the GOP’s most aggressive policy positions, including urging “the GOP-led committees to move more aggressively against Biden.” 

The clear connections between outside MAGA groups, the former President, and the Republican House majority are a stark reminder that extremism is alive and well within the House of Representatives. It’s clear that House leadership would rather cater to the demands of MAGA-centric groups than move a policy agenda that responds to their constituents’ needs.”

Derek Martin, spokesperson for Accountable.US.

The Heritage Foundation, Conservative Partnership Institute, and Judicial Watch are well known in far-right circles. 

  • The Heritage Foundation is a conservative think tank that is known for being one of the world’s most influential think tanks due to its relationships with Republican administrations and influence in Congress.
  • The Conservative Partnership Institute serves as an incubator for radical right-wing advocacy groups, many of which are led by former Trumpworld figures. Its Election Integrity Network project engages in efforts to intimidate voters and subvert elections.
  • Conservative activist Tom Fitton’s Judicial Watch has fixated on President Biden’s family since the 2020 election, going as far as to sue for records from the Department of Justice concerning Republican Senators’ investigation of President Biden’s family members.

Accountable.US recently launched its Monitoring Influence project to document the dark money network connecting these right-wing groups and others. Along with regularly updating the Monitoring Influence database with new connections and organizations, Accountable is also tracking how these extremist groups and others are working to influence the MAGA majority in Congress.


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