Blackstone Founder Stephen Schwartzman is advising Trump on COVID-19 as he profits off the crisis

WASHINGTON, D.C. Even amid a national health crisis, one of President Trump’s advisors is still finding a way to profit by price-gouging patients and quashing a physician’s desperate calls for more protective equipment by firing him.

Blackstone Founder Stephen Schwartzman advised Trump and his team on COVID-19’s economic impact. But through his company’s medical staffing companies, he’s still finding ways to profit at the expense of those they ostensibly serve.

A patient who went to get tested for COVID-19 found out that although his test was free, his E.R. visit cost a whopping $2,000, because he saw a doctor employed by Emergency Care Services — a medical staffing company owned by Blackstone.

Another one of Blackstone’s medical staffing companies is TeamHealth — the firm that reportedly fired a Seattle physician after he made public calls for more safety equipment and procedures for health care workers at his hospital.


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