WASHINGTON, D.C. – Another 847,000 workers filed for unemployment last week, joining the nearly 18.3 million Americans looking for work in the Trump recession. The needs of struggling workers, states, and small businesses remain massive in scale, and the stimulus passed last month was only a down payment on the work Congress still needs to do to achieve real economic assistance for more than just millionaires and big corporations. Government watchdog Accountable.US called on Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to help fix the economic mess he and his fellow Trump-enablers left for President Joe Biden by supporting the president’s American Rescue Plan – or to at least get out of the way of progress.

“Appallingly, there’s a growing chorus in the Senate minority — like Maine Senator Susan Collins — who say pandemic relief is overblown as the Trump recession continues to crush hundreds of thousands of jobs every week and small businesses around every corner. Too many families experienced hunger and hopelessness in the eight months the McConnell-led Senate held up additional relief, and they can’t afford to wait anymore,” said Jeremy Funk, spokesman for Accountable.US. “It’s obvious the senators eager to obstruct aid haven’t bothered to check in with their constituents lately — otherwise, they’d see how hard workers have been struggling to make ends meet. Any politician that still wants to play the ‘wait and see’ game in this economy is not in touch with reality.”


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